Intelligent Out of Office email reply software

Intelligent Out Of Office email reply is the way forward

Most Out of office email replies or vacation autoresponders are dumb, if not all. Reason? They all have the same response to each incoming email. What is required is an intelligent out of office email reply software which can send a response depending on the content of the incoming email.

There was a time when people were not aware of email autoresponders. During those days, anybody who has ever sent an email to an organization felt delighted if there was a quick response. Yes, sometimes they do use to get a quick response from humans, but most often than not, these were automated replies. In an era when email follows us everywhere, does out of office email replies make any sense? Not anymore.

Automated email replies, have at best been categorized as an acknowledgement receipt from the email servers by most email recipients. While organizations use this mode of communication as another customer touch point, they fail to understand that the same doesn’t resonate with their customers anymore. For example, if you send an email about some issue related to a purchased product and a quick and an automated email reply is received, which states that your concerns will be addressed shortly, you may get some sense of respite to know that someone out there is actually listening to your problems. However, this respite is short lived once you find out that it took the organization to respond to your email in no less than 72 hrs. You can only be fooled once. The next time any such quick reply comes, you are the last one to believe in its content.

Sales representatives of many companies use Out of Office email replies as a lead generation tool. For every incoming email, the standard reply includes explaining their unavailability coupled with a reason to buy their product or service. However, sometimes customer queries are much deeper and they need a elaborate response to the email they have sent. If the response is not timely, they have one more reason to go to the competitors.

An Intelligent Out of Office email reply system

There will always be scenarios when the sales team of an organization is indeed out of office for personal or professional reasons. However, an eventuality like this should not ever stop the organization to be inaccessible to its customers. To engage customers over email, especially when its difficult to do so, an intelligent out of office email reply software can be used.

Roboresponse has a product which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and can act as an intelligent Out of Office email reply software, something which doesn’t repeat its email responses. This product scans the incoming emails and its content, based on which a dynamic and a unique response is sent to the original email sender. The response typically addresses the email senders concerns. However, this product goes way beyond that, as it engages the potential customer in an email discussion and at times convert leads to accounts.

Just because the sales team is out of the office doesn’t mean that an organization should turn into a robot, especially for replying emails. It is possible to engage customers if an intelligent Out of Office email reply system  is used to interact with customers.


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