Intelligent Automated Email Response

Intelligent automated email response is the future

Businesses often indulge in email marketing automation, which often includes mass emailing to their potential leads. There are enough email marketing tools using which this can be achieved, with relatively less efforts. However, the challenging situation happens when these potential leads start replying to those emails and expect a quick reply from these companies, and that’s not scalable so easily. The way forward is intelligent automated email response, something which can help reply to these leads and engage them in an email discussion, at scale.

According to the survey conducted by Fasthosts Internet, a renowned UK based  provider of web hosting services, a slow response to an email inquiry of a customer is capable of affecting the image of the business. Also, among the 1300 British consumers that were surveyed, about 89% of them opted for the services of their current provider’s competitor. 78% of them has been greatly disappointed with how long the company replies to their emails. Also, some of these people have also sent 3 emails at an average before they finally get to receive the response that they wanted. This only goes to show that an intelligent automated email response would be a great help for a company to be able to provide their customers a response in a timely manner, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apart from the survey conducted among British customers, 500 UK small businesses have also participated in a survey and said that one out of 5 of them has received a complaint from their customer about how slow their approach is when it comes to responding to emails. Perhaps, some of them only invested money in email marketing but not in email automation. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that having automated email responses will solve everything. In fact, the second most important reason why customers have decided to choose a competitor is because they have only received same automated replies from the companies for different email requests.

With all those things said, we cannot deny the fact that a slow response to emails does not only affect the loyalty of customers towards the brand but it also affects their buying decision as well. After all, no one would choose a company who cannot even respond to them fast and properly on top of that. So, how long should it take for a company to respond to their customer’s email inquiry? According to the research paper of Viterbi School of Engineering in the University of Southern California, the most common response time for emails is 2 minutes and perhaps, this is the reason why people are expecting businesses to respond to their concerns faster as compared to before.

Gone are the days when people would be willing to wait for a day or two before they can get the response that they want from the company. On the other hand, it’s not like the company can hire hundreds of employees to answer each and every email that they receive, so, how can the company provide a timely response? An intelligent email autoresponder is the key!

Roboresponse has a solution to this problem, using which email replies can be scaled without losing the personal touch with potential customers. The solution is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered SaaS based email auto reply software, which scans incoming emails and sends a unique and customized email response based on the contents of the incoming email, all without any human intervention. The product is designed to assist the sales team of any product company and is capable of engaging customers in an email discussion 24X7 with the same level of enthusiasm.

Roboresponse is designed to learn about any product or service offerings.Once taught, it never forgets and over a period of time it can respond to more than 80% of any specific product sales related email inquiries automatically. It tries to analyze the intent and context of the incoming email, based on which it dynamically constructs a response.

To ensure that customer email leads are engaged at a larger scale, this intelligent automated email response software therefore becomes an integral part of an email marketing automation tool for any organization.


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