How Artificial Intelligence in Email Autoresponders can help you sell more

While we are at an infancy stage of Artificial Intelligence in email autoresponders, the possibilities of scaling an email marketing campaign while maintaining a personal touch with your potential customers is staggering.From virtual sales assistants to complex algorithms that allows one-on-one communication with customers, AI is changing email marketing forever.

How many times have you been in a situation where you or your sales team member is not available to reply to sales emails? If you are on a vacation and an email lead pops up in your inbox, you have no choice but to automatically respond to your lead with a typical Out of Office email reply. This type of reply only creates an illusion that you have engaged your leads at some level.However, to the sender, such standard automated response doesn’t add any value anymore.

While the goal of sales team in any business is to get leads engaged and motivated to buy, autoresponder emails fall short of acting as a substitute for a personal email or phone call from a live, knowledgeable and concerned salesperson. In fact, this automated responses slows down the overall qualification process of inbound leads as it is most commonly treated as spam or impersonal communication.

Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. According to the Sales Lead Management Association, 48 percent of salespeople never follow up with a lead and, 33 percent of the leads who showed interest are not contacted. Why? Most likely because the salespeople are overwhelmed by a deluge of inbound leads.

Most organizations try to engage the leads through multiple channels including but not limited to telephone,email,CRM,live chat,social media,exhibitions,networking and much more. While most channels have evolved over a period of time, and in some cases the rules of the game have been completely changed, email lead engagement hasn’t received its due for a while. Some organizations have gone a step beyond and have started relying on marketing automation applications. These applications typically rely on autoresponders which at its probable best is a one-way communication. While open rates, click-throughs and corresponding website activities can be monitored, the potential customer has no opportunity to be engaged in a two-way interaction. As a result, unqualified leads flood into the sales inboxes, which eventually causes distraction.

This is all about to change with the advent of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in email. Much of the manual, time-consuming tasks related to lead conversion can now be automated and left to AI powered email applications. AI going forward will certainly act as a catalyst in lead conversion and will assist human beings in achieving faster sales closure.The initial level of lead engagement can be handled by machines and humans can take control once the overall discussion with leads achieves a certain depth in communication.

For any business selling products or services, the initial email inquiries for potential customers contains typical questions related to product pricing, documentation,availability etc.This is something which can be handled by machines and more engaging discussions like competition,customized deliverable and at times pricing structure changes can be handled by human beings.

Roboresponse has a solution to the problem and therefore introduced an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered SaaS based email auto reply software which scans incoming emails and sends a unique and customized email response based on the contents of the incoming email, all without any human intervention. The product is designed to assist the sales team of any product or services company and is capable of engaging leads in an email discussion 24X7 with the same level of enthusiasm.

Roboresponse is designed to learn about any product or service offerings.Once taught, it never forgets and over a period of time it can respond to more than 80% of any specific product or service sales related email inquiries automatically.It tries to analyze the intent and context of the incoming email, based on which it dynamically constructs a response.

With Roboresponse as an email autoresponder, any business can now ensure that their sales team is engaged in more productive activities as most unqualified leads are taken care of at the entry level itself. Roboresponse therefore can help your organization achieve more from less.

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