Why Google Smart Reply is not smart enough

Why Google Smart Reply is not smart enough If you are a Gmail user, then you are already exposed to Google Smart Reply feature of Google Inbox powered by Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are using Gmail through an app or via the browser, you are exposed to this feature. Your Gmail Inbox can now answer […]

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How Artificial Intelligence in Email Autoresponders can help you sell more

While we are at an infancy stage of Artificial Intelligence in email autoresponders, the possibilities of scaling an email marketing campaign while maintaining a personal touch with your potential customers is staggering.From virtual sales assistants to complex algorithms that allows one-on-one communication with customers, AI is changing email marketing forever. How many times have you […]

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Intelligent Automated Email Response

Intelligent automated email response is the future

Businesses often indulge in email marketing automation, which often includes mass emailing to their potential leads. There are enough email marketing tools using which this can be achieved, with relatively less efforts. However, the challenging situation happens when these potential leads start replying to those emails and expect a quick reply from these companies, and […]

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Intelligent Out of Office email reply software

Intelligent Out Of Office email reply is the way forward

Most Out of office email replies or vacation autoresponders are dumb, if not all. Reason? They all have the same response to each incoming email. What is required is an intelligent out of office email reply software which can send a response depending on the content of the incoming email. There was a time when […]

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A true email autoresponder

If you are on a vacation and a customer email lead for your product pops up in your inbox, you have no choice but to auto respond to your customer with a typical “Out of Office” email auto responder. Now that’s a bygone era. Roboresponse.com has introduced  an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered SaaS based email auto […]

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